About us

The Grand Gallery was born from a passion for fine photography, for art and a desire to find and promote those precious works that can speak to the language of the soul.

More photographs are taken in the world today than ever before in history. In 2017 alone 1.7 trillion photos were taken, more than the a whole century of photography since the first photograph was printed.

In this world flooded by tsunamis of selfies, social media snaps, and billions of tourist photography, we are looking for the rare, the diamond in a rocky mountain.

Those photographs which convey within the spirit of an artist, the spark of a genius, these are the moments frozen in time that touch souls and create a feeling, an experience that transcends the mere object or scene portrayed within.

These are the photographs we would put on our walls and this is what we are looking to bring into The Grand Gallery.

We will be promoting the works of photographers who break the boundaries and create timeless pieces of art, photographers who are silent but whose photographs speak louder than words, those who create music with forms and colours.

We hope you enjoy our selections and find those rare pieces of art you were looking for to decorate your home, office, business or complement an already valuable collection.