Art work packaging and delivery

All our prints are carefully produced and delivered from London, UK, internationally.

All photos are printed on top quality fine art grade paper and manually quality checked by experts at theprintspace, UK's leading photo and fine art print provider.

To ensure perfection is maintained during transport, all works are covered in tissue paper, and bubblewrap.

The prints, together with their limited edition certificates, are then paced in cardboard paper tubes that are sealed at both ends to further protect the art from elements. Smaller works are sent in hard card board envelopes. 

The art works are then dispatched within 48 hours to anywhere in the world for a flat £6 fee.


We always try to ensure all prints are of the top quality. However if for some reason you find the quality of the product not meeting your requirements, you can return the print within 14 days of purchase. If you want to return your purchase, please use the contact us form to request a return.

If the print is damaged, a new print will be sent to you free of charge and we will refund the initial shipping costs. If however, you don't want the print any longer and would like a full refund instead, we will send you the refund once we receive the print at the address above.